‘Sarah is one of the most genuinely friendly and warm hearted people I know, a complete joy to be
around. This new venture could not be more perfect for her.’

Kathleen Henderson, Theatre Staff Nurse, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

‘Sarah has a heart for helping others and an ear ready to listen with compassion and gentleness.’

Kirsty, Accountant, Edinburgh

‘Sarah’s genuine love for people, fuelled by her Christian faith, has been a source of strength, comfort and light to me and many others who have struggled through dark days.’

Claire, Marketing and PR, Aberdeen

‘Sarah is kind, caring and supportive. She is a great listener and treats others with respect. Sarah is someone who I would be happy to talk to in confidence and demonstrates real empathy towards others.’

Hannah, Nursing Student, Edinburgh

‘Not only is Sarah amazing to talk to, she makes the experience very relaxed by sitting in a comfortable environment, one on one, which makes me feel like things can be taken at my own pace. Being able to sit and be around a dog is amazing, Ro makes you feel very loved.’

Rebecca Armstrong-Fleming, Student, The University of Aberdeen

‘Having known Sarah for years and observed her in quite a mixture of circumstances, I am happy to share what a sincerely kind, gentle and caring person she is. She is deeply appreciated everywhere she lives. I offer the highest recommendation of her and I am certain her supportive manner will greatly benefit many.’

Dr. Mary Chopey-Paquet, Researcher and Teacher Educator, Namur University, Belgium

‘After spending time with Sarah, I always feel that my outlook on life, concerns or worries, my “life balance” has generally been re-calibrated. Sarah is honest, empathetic and kind and by offering time, support and guidance, she will undoubtedly impact many lives in this new venture.’

Cora Cloughley, Solicitor, Newcastle

‘I have known Sarah since she was a child and have always enjoyed her company. While posing, slightly apprehensively, for the photograph with her and Bramble, she put me completely at my ease.’

John C., aged 93, Midlothian

‘Sarah’s been a wonderful leader, caring for and encouraging a group of students and young professionals as they explore how to live out what they believe… I commend her without hesitation.’

Matt Round, Assistant Pastor and Head of Young Adult Ministry, Charlotte Chapel, Edinburgh

‘If Sarah approaches pastoral care with as much warmth and compassion as her veterinary work, she will be fantastically successful.’

Alistair Taylor BVMS MRCVS, Partner and Vetinary Surgeon, Pentland Vetinary Clinic, Currie

‘Sarah’s love for helping people and her ability to bring comfort to those in need is always displayed with crystal clarity when I’ve sen her volunteering with the Bethany Care Van.’

O. Chisholm, Volunteer, Edinburgh